Shooting Gallery


Take aim and fire as one of three Marksmen in a Tactical Unit…Put down the zombie horde…before they make burgers of you!
FRIDAY OCTOBER 24th, 2014, 10am-9pm
Woodward Park, 7775 Friant Road, Fresno, CA. 93720
Register in Person at these Spirit Halloween locations:
Shaw & Willow, Clovis | Shaw & West, Fresno | Ashlan & Fowler, Clovis
Or online:Eventbrite - Zombie Survival Crawl Obstacle Course

Zombies vs Humans as YOU and up to two other marksmen armed with laser tag assault weapons as part of a Tactical Unit are assigned to defend your post, and you must destroy the alien control devices implanted in the hunger crazed Zombie horde who are quickly closing in!  Its a race against time as it takes quite a few shots to down each Zombie…but once they close the distance and are able to reach out and make contact its all over!  So fire fast…and make every shot count, for once the doors open these slobbering man-eating abominations swarm forth looking to make a meal of you!
First round of shooting starts at 10am.  Marksmen are given laser tag assault weapons to use for 10min of sustained shooting at a group of live Zombies who are ambling towards them and react as if shot when the electronic control device implanted on them is hit, after taking significant damage they stop moving and are dead.  There are 5 rounds per hour, maximum 3 shooters per round, limited spots available so reserve your time now!

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